Dark Haul – SYFY Channel

Clips from the SYFY network movie “Dark Haul” which aired in 2014. In a group of 5 CG artists responsible for about 100 different scenes, my role was animating the main creature. This included both animating a fully CG rig as well as rotoscoping various parts of the creature. The first 6 seconds are an example of animating both the wings and the tail onto a practical suit.

Maya 2015

Action Sequences

Various action animations to show off the principles including weight, timing, and staging. These principles are the underlying aspect of any piece of artwork, and provide the viewer with a believable character no matter how unworldly or exaggerated they character might appear.

Maya 2015 – Maya 2019

Dialogue Animation – Featuring Norman Rig

Various dialogue animations to show off the principles including exaggeration and appeal. These principles showcase the emotion and acting abilities of a 3D rig, as well as the animator’s skills in lip sync. Using these ideas, we can create a compelling performance of any model no matter how simplified or stylized. These animations specifically utilize the timeless Norman Rig found at 11secondclub.com.

Maya 2015 – Maya 2017

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