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Allow me to introduce myself.

In 2006, I began my junior year of high school. There were a variety of electives we could chose from, including quite a mix of art classes. My first pick was computer science because of my love for video games. As luck would have it, however, I was placed in “3D Animation and Visual Effects.” Though difficult to learn the software at first, I remember the moment it all clicked- seeing that first render pass of something I had made from scratch. It was a basic drum set with animated drum sticks set to about 10 seconds of sound.

My passion for all things animation began with that moment and evolved over the course of the next decade.

I received my 3D Animation certificate in 2013, around the same time I began a character animation mentorship from toonimations.com. This was when I began to hone in on character animating specifically, as well as diving into books such as “The Animator’s Survival Kit” and “The Illusion of Life.”

I love character animation. I love good stories. I love filming video reference of myself doing crazy, exaggerated movements. As your friendly North of Boston Animator, I’m happy to work with you to give your character a story. The animations on this site are a manifestation of that passion and love. Feel free to send me an email!

Reference video and animation (scary huh?)


Brian Colby

Boston, USA

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